“4 years down the drain”

I will always be in awe of God. Always. I’m lying in my bed but I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about how God chooses to connect dots that we often attribute to “coincidence”.

I sat with a friend talking, we randomly remembered an event that led us to a couple and I remember I just said “those two are soooo gonna get married ”. They’d been dating a little over 4 years. We both knew them. They were a great couple.

We finished the conversation there but the name of the girl in the relationship lingered in my spirit, I ignored it, but it wouldn’t go, so I reached for my phone and just text her saying “hey, hope you’re well!?, you’ve crossed my mind and aren’t leaving so I thought I’d say hello”. Literally what I text her.

She responded almost immediately saying wow, she didn’t expect my message at all. We laughed it away and then I don’t even know what pushed me to type again “I hope you’ve been good?” And she said no, then delved into her last couple of days and how she’d been battling a horrible breakup from the same person I was certain she’d get married to.

I wasn’t in the relationship with them, but I was heart wrenched reading her type what she’d been through and the current state of her mind. In her words, “4 years, down the drain”. I felt every word and emotion.

I encouraged her and I prayed with her and I’ll most likely make a post later on dealing with heartbreaks and breakups, but with this post, I just want to encourage us not to take lightly the voice of the spirit within us. It’ll come lightly and subtly and if we’re not quiet enough, we’ll most likely miss it.

The Holy Spirit takes the glory, I couldn’t have thought on my own to reach out, but God loves her so much that He placed her on my heart to be His hands and voice and I’m eternally grateful for the rare privilege.

Pay attention to Gods voice. Lives are hinged on it.

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