I had just one job

I got on the wrong train a few days ago, I was so livid. With how intentionally I route my journey and how much I paid attention to the information board as well as the calls, I still got on the wrong train.

As soon as I realised, with the train already in motion, I whispered to God in my heart ‘how did I prepare this much and still miss the mark?‘, I did not get an answer immediately, what I got was an announcement on the train that the train was being re-routed to my destination. It was initially heading to Edgware Road  and then at the next stop, they announced it was now being diverted to Upminster, which is where I was headed.

I was in shock. What shocked me the most was how many people that had to get off at the next stop because of this re-routing. I watched people reluctantly get off, some even mumbling and I stood there in disbelief like ‘this is my own miracle!‘. I would never think that God loves me more than He does anyone but it was one of those days that I could bet that if God had favourites for the day, I was definitely the favourite for 06/07/20. My joy knew no bound.

I learnt a whole lot from that little ordeal. The first and obvious being that ‘unless the Lord watches over the house, the watchmen stay awake in vain‘. I could show you screenshot upon screenshots on my phone of my entire journey to my destination, with all my planning, I still got on the wrong train. It takes humility to always realise that it is all Gods grace and mercy, even when we think it is our common sense. People often have the debate of when to use your head and when to trust and wait on God, but I have got to a place where I realise that even the use of my head or common sense is a demonstration of the grace and mercy of God and so my trust in Him should not be any less even when I am double sure of something.

The other was the love of God to every man in His sovereignty. That day it seemed like loads of people got inconvenienced because of me by the whole re-routing, but it has helped me see better for next time when I feel disappointed by something, to know that someone else somewhere is blessed by it. How we sometimes pray the rain away to enjoy a day at the beach, not realising that a house burning somewhere is in dire need of that rain to end what might have taken lives and property. Therein lies the limitation of man, only seeing in part, most often the part that favours us.

But there is always a call to fully release and submit to the One who sees all and fully and who always works it all out for our good in the end.

wrong train

10 thoughts on “I had just one job

  1. Abi says:

    So beautiful, funny enough I was thinking about this sort of scenario some days ago. May God help us to be more considerate of factors other than that which favours us. Welldone love

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  2. renewyourview says:

    I loved every minute of this!!!! Firstly I screamed out in shock when I read about God’s miraculous re-direction of the train just for His daughter!! Then you hit me hard with the amazing truth that we all ought to learn to trust God even when things are not going our way. Perhaps He is working something beautiful for another one of His children :).
    Sigh my heart is full right now. I feel so very loved by the maker of Heaven and Earth for He truly does work ALL things together for our good. God bless you hun!

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