Menu for each day

Some time last week I walked into the kitchen, took out some leftover from the fridge, put it in a plate and placed it in the microwave. I wasn’t even prepared for the next thing that happened. I heard some explosion sounds and started to perceive some funny burning smell. Thank God I wasn’t too far, I reached out immediately and turned off the microwave.

Just to be double sure, I opened the food I had placed in to ensure there was no foil or flammable bag in it, because at least I know that those cause such reactions in a microwave. When I was certain it was all clear, I placed it back in the microwave with more confidence this time, only to be disappointed by a worse reaction because this time, I actually saw a small fire form in the microwave when I put it on.

That was it! I turned it off and realised that the issue was with the microwave and not my food at all. I couldn’t eat the food again, it was cold and the microwave wasn’t available to warm it, I think I settled for some biscuit and tea that afternoon.

It’s a week later, I’m yet to fix it or get a new one. So guess what? I’ve had to cook every other day to eat fresh, hot food and if you know me, you’d know that this is such a task for me because it takes a lot of my energy, both physical and mental to cook.

Last night, while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, the Holy Spirit asked me how I felt about my feeding in the last week, and my answer was quite honest, asides the fact that I was gutted I had to cook fresh food each time I had to eat, I had thoroughly enjoyed the fact that every food I ate was fresh from fire and so yummy. There’s something beautiful about fresh food and I’m sure everyone can attest to that! Isn’t that why we choose to go to restaurants some days rather than eat at home?

After I responded, He said “Awesome, this same freshness applies to Gods word for you each day.” There’s no microwave in the spirit realm to warm leftover rhema, I have to wake up each day and get the bread for that day.

I even stopped cooking for a minute or two when this hit me, it came heavy and real to be reminded that daily, God seeks children who are coming for fresh food, fresh cooking, they are not relying on the food of yesterday, or even the left over we’ve put in our notes.

While it’s okay to refer to those when we can, it is more important to God that we receive the daily bread for that day by coming to Him each day with expectancy to be filled anew.

For a moment I just started asking the Holy Spirit, hope all of this hasn’t happened just so you could teach me this? And it was like He just laughed. Lol. Indeed, some things we can learn just by seeing and hearing and others, we grasp fully by experience.

Receive the bread for today! Don’t run on the cold leftover from yesterday or the previous week! God isn’t Rubie (me), He doesn’t mind cooking everyday, morning, afternoon and evening. As long as there is a mouth to feed, He is there and willing to cook, so please feast!

11 thoughts on “Menu for each day

  1. Odunowo Olufunmilayo says:

    Wow, this is so true. I enjoy the process of cooking though, I find it really therapeutic. It always amazes me whenever I find that people don’t share the same view. We’re all different, I believe that sums it up. Thank you for the post!!

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    • Fochwoman says:

      You’re welcome David! And yes indeed! It’s like a consciousness we must walk in everyday, that fresh bread is available!

      And I know right! The Holy Spirit can make just about anything a lesson! I love it! Makes me pay attention through my day


  2. thegracedone says:

    I needed to see this😭
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Sometimes I’m so lazy and then I try to justify it by thinking that yesterday’s food can still serve for today but I understand better now 🤒.

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