The shattering sound

A couple of months ago I was home with my little niece, she’s just a few months over 1 year but is so astute.

We sat in the living room one evening and she kept fiddling with a side glass-table close  to the door. I didn’t think she was big or strong enough to move it but I was concerned that she could tilt it and it could fall on her, so I kept going “Dani please leave that table“. I was distracted so I was not always looking. After I had said it about 10 times, I noticed she would wait for me to carry on with what I was doing and then she will return to playing with the table.

Another 10 minutes later I heard a crashing sound and looked up to find the glass table shattered on the ground. She was not hurt at all but the moment my eyes met hers she started to shout and cry. lol

She knew I was about to tell her off because I kept warning her to stay away from the table. I was mad that she was now trying to play the victim by crying because nothing happened to her, she moved away from it when she saw it falling but cried at the realisation of what had just happened.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this occurrence this morning and He was telling me that this is how some of us are, we stay playing with fire, be it people or things and while God is never distracted from us, He’s kind enough to always lovingly warn us and sometimes even offer us an alternative. Sometimes we’re stubborn enough to persist with things or people He was warned us about and then when we get burnt or hurt, we cry out like as if we never got a warning for it.

Fortunately for the world, God is not me who was waiting to tell her off and shout “but didn’t I tell you?“. God would lovingly take our hurt and burnt hearts and mend it back together like the good Father He is.

But this is never a reason or excuse to persist in things that God frowns upon. If we know His ways, we should be eager to live in accordance to them and not intentionally violate them because we know He is always waiting with arms wide open. In theology, this is called presumptuous sin. Sin that a person intentionally walks into knowing fully the response of the Father. This is the point that a person begins to take the grace of God for granted and I assure you, this also has consequences.

We know already the heart of The Father towards us, we know that God will never condemn or guilt-trip us, and so even when we become aware of our sin, we should know that there’s an arm waiting open for us to return.

This is the nature of God, not because He is a fool, but because He is wise, so as Paul said in Romans, “Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?


8 thoughts on “The shattering sound

    • Fochwoman says:

      Yes indeed David!
      He’s such a good Father who always looks out for His children.
      But He will never force His will on us, we need to be discerning to listen and obey!

      Thanks for reading and engaging 🤎

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  1. percylicious09 says:

    Thanks for this Rubie, indeed we literally keep pushing God’s Grace buttons even when we know what we are doing is wrong, thanks for this reminder 💜

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  2. Queen says:

    Something happened to me today and I was reminded of this same scripture it was obvious I knew what I was doing and it was wrong of me to want to go ahead but thank God the reminder came on time. Thank you so rubie xx.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      Super glad for a conscience that works honestly, and for the spirit within us that always prompts us!
      I’m happy for you, and thank God for the reminders on these things.

      Thanks for reading and engaging 🤎

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  3. Tyson Arike says:

    I literally smelt roses reading your blog post after a long while,podcast got me hooked but i was blessed reading this post,God bless you rubs😘

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