Moments of Truth – Arranged Marriages?


An interesting part of being a blogger is that you don’t know all the people who read your blog and so it makes meeting new people interesting, like when they start conversations with a title to a blog post or simply a line from your blog post. It’s really heart warming until it is one of those write ups you made hoping no one would ever speak about in real life. For me, it’s even more interesting cause my mum also follows and engages with posts and some days, she brings them up when we have conversations which sometimes can be very hilarious.

This is one of such blog posts, that hopefully remain in the eyes of readers and never as a topic of conversation should we ever meet! (Nah, i’m kidding).

I can be a very oblivious person although people find this hard to believe, my meticulous-ness doesn’t have part 2, it only extends to a certain level and stops there, I think it is also dependent on the topic at hand because I realise the attention I pay to some books I read is not equal to come conversations I have, and it makes sense right? that some things will spark your interest and others wouldn’t.

A friend of my Dad started to visit our home very often, himself and my dad had gone through university together and they were quite close to it made sense how when my dad was ill, he would visit that often, that’s how far my mind thought of it. He was one of Daddy’s besties!

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, each time he came around I would be the first person to see him when he came through the door and he’ll follow with some kinds of questions that should really only be asked by people you’ve built a certain level of relationship with, but he was daddy’s Bestie so I assumed he paid my life the same attention as he did my dads.

One day he came and asked to have a picture with me and of course I obliged, I was returning to school the next two weeks and it was normal for my family to keep pictures of every and anybody we knew so I assumed it was same with him.

Another day he was asking me who ‘Mr Rubie’ was and one time, it was my dad speaking to me about marrying between families who already know themselves.

Speaking very generally about this, like I was 4 or something lol! When this started, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and I marvelled at how blind and silly I had been.

We like to think that arranged marriages are a thing of the past and long gone and dead but I think young ladies and gentlemen around the world are still faced with it only on an upgraded and less obvious manner, our Parents love us and want the best for us, that much is obvious, but sometimes, in a bid to make sure we’re making the best decisions they end up out-rightly making the decisions for us which in the long run might be detrimental to us.

While we honour and respect them, lets remember they’re also humans with feelings and as such, God’s will must reign supreme in any decisions we get to make.

#NoToModernArrangedMarriages hehe!

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