Taking the easy way out

It has been a very interesting couple of days for the entire world. The evil that injustice is has somehow been amplified through the occurrences of the last few days. It has been heart-wrenching to scroll through timelines on social media or even have decent conversations with people without them voicing out their frustration, anger and disappointment at the effect and impact of injustice.

For me personally, I have been more conscious about guarding my heart than about having an opinion, as awful as the events have been, I do not want to speak from emotion, but always from thought and prayer as the Holy Spirit inspires me.

My siblings haven’t been in support of my method dealing with this. As a matter of fact, they have said that I have taken the ‘easy way out’ by dismissing it with ‘guarding my heart and praying first before complaining’. They also kept emphasising that Jesus would want us to fight for justice, rather than stay silent, of which I did not oppose, but what I wanted to understand was what the definition of ‘fighting for justice’ will look like, and also see how Jesus fought for justice in His own time.

It has been tough, but still, I maintain my stance because it is what I have a conviction on, to guard my heart and respond first in prayer before shouting to the world.

My heart has been very heavy though, I have pondered on why injustice is so prevalent even up till this century, I use to think we had come such a long way, but I am seeing that the long way we came is having same prejudices, but being able to cover it up and internalise it better. And this is what happens when things are swept under the rug. They don’t disappear, they are just not visible to the eye, doesn’t mean the room is clean though.

I sought counsel with a friend yesterday, I felt like I was getting overwhelmed with my thoughts so I asked him ‘did Jesus fight for justice or for love? and can justice be void of love or love void of justice?‘ He responded saying simply that ‘Love is justice for God‘, which made perfect sense because Jesus came and was and still is the justice of God till today to us His children.

So, from that short conversation, it became apparent that Love is the only solution to injustice, because in love, there is justice for God. It will be difficult for an angry and agitated person to process this because all they see is the injustice, not its effects or the solution.

Unfortunately, the gospel does not seek to be politically correct, the world seeks a response that is ideal and equal to the sin but would that really be love?

I realise I may have jumped about a bit in this blogpost, and I sincerely apologise for it but my summation on the entire issue is that love and redemption is the only antidote to injustice. Jesus would have responded to injustice with love and that is the only way for the believer.

We must remember however, that love starts in the heart, we cannot love if our hearts are clouded with anger and bitterness, it would take effort but the Holy Spirit is able to empower us to respond as Jesus will.

There is definitely a place for calling out injustice and speaking against it, but even then, where is the speech borne from? anger? frustration? or from the love of God?, which is justice for God. If we remove love from justice, we begin fighting our own battle with human strength, so it is important that as believers, we have a heart check this period as often as possible.

Let sin committed against us not lead us to commit sin. There is no ‘it is because of her/him I sinned‘ in the kingdom. Everyone takes responsibility for themselves and that is why we must intentionally guard our hearts (as selfish as that sounds).

A gentle reminder also that these are all obvious signs of the end times, it is not the time to separate Jesus from issues in the bid to be politically correct, rather, it is the time to see how it all fits in the grand scheme of things as presented in the bible. Indeed people have become lovers of themselves and their kind and have also become boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient, ungrateful and unholy (2 Timothy 3:2).

Our stance and response even in this time? Love.

I am praying for the hearts of saints all over the world, this is an avenue for the enemy to make our love wax cold because iniquity abounds, but we must stay watchful and prayerful and not be caught sleeping so that we will not fall into temptation (Matthew 26:40-41).


15 thoughts on “Taking the easy way out

  1. tgifmasterminds says:

    To answer your question about why injustice is so prevalent…just ask Adam and Eve. You are so right to guard your heart and be slow to form an opinion or to speak out loud concerning your feelings. May I caution you to also be careful on how you respond to family members who may not be as steeped in the Lord as you are. Just be still (as you are doing) and let God be God. My prayers are not only with you, but the whole world. Amen!

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  2. My Life in Our Father's World says:

    Having an attitude of prayer & waiting on God before you respond is not taking the easy way out. As a matter of fact it can be quite emotionally painful & stress inducing. If God has called you to stay silent, doing anything else would be a sin. Stay strong, my friend, stay strong. πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒβœοΈ

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