Open your eyes!

The devil sees environments conducive for his operations and he takes full advantage of it. He doesn’t care how that environment came to be, he just sees opportunity to promote his agenda and he does not relent until his full agenda of killing, stealing and destroying is done.

Sometimes we feel hurt in our hearts over something someone has done, if we don’t deal with it properly, the devil sees an avenue to proceed and sow bitterness, hatred and subsequently a desire to revenge. The start of that feeling was a genuine cause, you were hurt! You deserve to mourn your hurt, but the devil only sees opportunity to attack, never just as it appears.

Similarly, pure love could exist between two lovers, being human, attraction grows and if both parties are not careful, the devil sows seeds of lustful thoughts and desires which could lead both parties into sexual sin if they continue in that attraction without setting boundaries or being led by the Holy Spirit. Here again, we see pure love that can be sabotaged by the enemy if people are not on the look out.

We need to understand that we can’t just guard ourselves, we should also guard our atmospheres and environments, sometimes, it’s not a person that invites the devil, it is a conducive environment for his operation that invites him.

The last couple of days from my previous 2 blogposts have worsened. The evil has grown deeper and darkness even thicker. I’ve watched in horror how the devil has taken such a good thing as standing up for justice and has used it for his own agenda. I watched a horrid video of a 73 year old black man today, shot in the head by looters because he was protecting his shop from being looted. Remember that he is part of the population that we are fighting for, how is the person we’re fighting for also being made the victim by people who are fighting for him? Do you realise how twisted this is?

In the midst of our fight for justice, hatred has grown in the hearts of men, disorder and chaos has become the order of the day and despite the valid cause, the atmosphere and environment has also created a place for the devils agenda to thrive. The devil has grabbed the opportunity with both hands and all you need to do is look around you to see the effect. How something so good has grown to be something terribly evil.

Just as I said in this blogpost, beyond the desire to fight the events of these days, you MUST guard your heart! Our pain will not validate our sin. Injustice even, will not validate sin, if we sin, we sin. We need to be sensitive to the times and also our environments, some people are actually acting under influences even though they appear to be fighting the same cause.

The devil doesn’t only gravitate to vessels who will host him, he gravitates to environments that host him too. Chaos creates an environment for him to thrive! Social media is convincing us that this chaos will produce the result we want, they’ve made reference to the times of MLK and the times even beyond that, saying that it is the only way to bring about the change we want.

But at what cost? Our souls? Our territories? Our atmospheres?

We need to be just as prayerful as we are vocal. Jesus had a place for his public and private ministry. We cannot only subscribe to the public ministry and ignore the private. Take a stand and pray! Even as we take a stand and combat injustice. This battle is just as spiritual as it is physical.

7 thoughts on “Open your eyes!

  1. Ben Onyeka says:

    Amazing insight, thank you so much, with the happenings in the world right now is easier to fall into the temptation of bitterness because the devil will definitely give us reasons to justify why we should be bittered that’s why we need to guard our heart against it, bitterness brings troubles in life Hebrew 12 :15


    • Fochwoman says:

      That’s such a valid question!!!
      And yesss, circumstances are definitely another avenue for him to propel his agenda!
      Thanks for sharing that point. We need to stay alert and sensitive!

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  2. tgifmasterminds says:

    What a wise expression you used…”Pain will not validate our sin”. That’s deep! Also, as you know, the devil ONLY takes ‘good things’ to use in his agenda of destruction. THAT’S HIS JOB! Since the devil is prince of the air in this universe, we must not only guard our eyes, but our hearts and our atmosphere!!! We are in a spiritual warfare. Everything you said in your blog is well spoken. May the Good Lord continue to bless you with wisdom, favor and lots of love, my sister. Amen

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    • Fochwoman says:

      Amen!! And yes indeed❤️❤️❤️ the devil is unable to create so what he does is sabotage whatever God has created for his own agenda!
      Thank God for the spirit of discernment to recognise his operation no matter what! May God keep us alert and sensitive.

      Thank you 🙏🏽

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  3. Taiwo Ash says:

    Nice read…

    There was one thought I think needs be reconsidered though – “the devil sows seeds of sexual thoughts between two lovers”. Sexual desires are natural – by God’s creation, not the devil’s. Sex is the consummation of love within the standard of marriage.

    I certainly understand what you’re going for. I think the word you want to use is lust, and that’s only in a relationship where sexual thoughts aren’t permissible. If two people who are single and of age are in love as you pictured (and working towards marriage), it is expected that they have sexual desires and thoughts. They would only have to keep them under control till they get married. But even that’s not the devil’s doing. You feel me?

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    • Fochwoman says:

      I totally feel you Taiwo, and I’ve just edited it to say ‘lustful’ rather than just thoughts and desires, because indeed, that was what I meant when I wrote that paragraph. Thank you for making it clearer for me.

      And for reading and engaging. I appreciate it x

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